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United States History
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Thomas Metro-Zapata
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Student Learning Outcomes: students will work towards becoming academic achievers, proficient communicators, technologically skilled, critical and creative thinkers, and responsible, respectful and self-disciplined citizens.

Assessment: Students will be assigned homework on a regular basis that emphasize the importance of self-reflection and analytical questioning, in addition to the traditional collection of content data. Essay and formal research papers will also be assigned to encourage individual thought and creativity. Multiple assessment tests will also be given to ensure that the students are challenged and develop diverse skills.

California State Standards Applied :

This US History course is designed to enable students to achieve mastery of the California State Content Standards. The full version is available on the California Department of Education website:

11.1 Students analyze the significant events in the founding of the nation and its attempts to realize the philosophy of government described in the Declaration of Independence.

11.2 Students analyze the relationship among the rise of industrialization, large-scale rural-to-urban migration, and massive immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe.

11.3 Students analyze the role religion played in the founding of America, its lasting moral, social, and political impacts, and issues regarding religious liberty.

11.4 Students trace the rise of the United States to its role as a world power in the twentieth century.

11.5 Students analyze the major political, social, economic, technological, and cultural developments of the 1920s.

11.6 Students analyze the different explanations for the Great Depression and how the New Deal fundamentally changed the role of the federal government.

11.7 Students analyze America's participation in World War II.

11.8 Students analyze the economic boom and social transformation of post-World War II America.

11.9 Students analyze U.S. foreign policy since World War II.

11.10 Students analyze the development of federal civil rights and voting rights.

11.11 Students analyze the major social problems and domestic policy issues in contemporary American society.

Skills of Focus : A strong emphasis will be placed on writing essays throughout the year while focusing on the skills necessary to complete an interdisciplinary research project during the second semester. This will include a working knowledge of the MLA research style, the ability to formulate a well-structured essay, and critical thinking skills necessary to provide a coherent and logical argument. The writing plan is designed to foster the skills required by the Common Core State Standards.

Class Content : [Era (Years) - Standards]

  • First Semester
    • Establishing an American Republic (1492-1896) – 11.1,11.2, 11.3
    • Industrialism & Reform (1840-1920) – 11.2, 11.3
    • Expanding American Global Influence (1796-1921) – 11.3, 11.4
    • The Roaring Twenties & the Great Depression (1920-1944) – 11.2, 11.3, 11.5, 11.6
  • Second Semester
    • World War II and the Cold War (1917-1960) – 11.7, 11.8, 11.9
    • The Search for a Better Life (1945-1990) – 11.8, 11.9, 11.10, 11.11
    • Tumultuous Times (1954-1980) – 11.3, 11.8, 11.9, 11.11
    • The Making of Modern America (1980-Present) – 11.9, 11.11
Grading and Make-up Policy: Grades will be based on a scale where an A=90-100%, B=80-89%, C= 70-79%, D= 60-69%, F= 59% & below.


  • Work due the day of an excused absence must be turned in upon return to class.
  • Work assigned the day of an excused absence must be turned in no later than the second day back (check the website or see me).
  • It will be up to the student to get all missed notes and assignments.
  • All work missed because of an unexcused absence will result in a zero (including on or off-campus disciplinary absences).
  • There are no make ups for missed exams.  The exam will be recorded as a zero, though I will drop the lowest exam grade for the 20-week report card.
  • Major assignments (e.g. papers) are due the date given regardless of attendance status.


  • Please be in your seat with your necessary supplies out before the bell rings.
  • Three unexcused tardies during any grading period will result in a phone call home, 5 will result in a detention, and 7 will result in a mandatory parent conference (school policy). 
  • All work, including quizzes, missed because of unexcused tardies will result in a zero.

Late Work:

  • For an assignment to be on time, it must be organized, contain the proper heading, and be ready to be turned in before entering the classroom.
  • Ten points will be deducted for all late work. Late work will not be accepted later than one class meeting after the assignment’s due date.
* Note: One homework assignment will be dropped each semester (worth 10 points).

Written Work : All formal work must be completed using the MLA format with 1” margins and Times New Roman #12 font.  Please see the class website’s Writing Page for further directions on the MLA format.

Academic Standards :

  • All notes and class work must be completed in a spiral notebook designated for the class.
  • All in-class & homework notes must be in the "Cornell Style".
  • All work must be kept until the end of the semester.
  • Grades will not be altered retroactively; what the grade book says, you get! (59.4% = F)

Academic Integrity : Cheating or plagiarism of any kind will result in an automatic "F" on the assignment and a trip to the Deans office (for all parties involved). Plagiarism includes the use of others' words or thoughts without giving them credit. All work copied or based off of another's should be cited (including copied in-class notes due to an absence).

Materials : These items must be brought to class everyday .

  • Spiral notebook, preferably with 100 sheets (every day)
  • Navy blue or black pen (every day)
  • Pocket Dictionary (recommended)
  • #2 Pencil (on test days)

  Classroom Rules and Procedures :

  • Follow directions
  • Practice respectful communication with teacher & other students
  • Be in your seat with your book and supplies out before the bell rings

Loose Breakdown of Points : *Second semester's will be slightly different

Periods 1 & 3
Period 5

- Class & Homework...30%

- Quizzes......................20%

- Unit exams.................30%

- Writing.......................10%

- Final Exam.................10%

- Total........................100%

- Class & homework....30%

- Quizzes......................10%

- Writing ......................10%

- Unit exams.................30%

- Final Exam.................20%

- Total........................100%

  •   Note all above guidelines are tentative and subject to change

Click here to printout a shortened version of the syllabus with the tearoff:

- Periods 1 & 3

- Period 5


* Revised 08/10/2017