Development Research & Presentation

You will be assigned one of the following 8 key areas on development from the UN’s World’s Women 2010 report. Please follow the steps below to research your assigned area, collaborate with your group members, create a visual presentation and rehears your accompanying verbal presentation.

Key Areas
1. Population and families
2. Health
3. Education
4. Work
5. Power and decision-making
6. Violence against women
7. Environment
8. Poverty



1. As a group, find your key area’s executive summary (starting on p. vii) from the link above to identify the main points that you will be covering in your presentation. Please jot them down.

2. Go to the Table of Contents (p. xv) to see how your key area is broken down. Divide up your research tasks so that each person is responsible for part of it. Please consider the number of pages in each section when dividing your key area up. For example, the Education are has four subdivisions, but one section is 12 pages in length while another one is only one page long.

3. Individually, go to your assigned section and skim through it to identify the key findings and their supporting evidence (take notes).

4. Select one key finding that you will present on and then locate the accompanying graphic(s), which you will include in your presentation.

5. Create your individual slide (using either Google Docs or PowerPoint). The slide(s) should include a concise key finding statement (large font) and the accompanying graphic. To capture the graphic, either use the PrtSc button or the Snipping Tool to copy it onto your clipboard. Don’t worry about the slide’s design until you get back with your group.

6. Write down, using talking points, what you will say when you explain your key finding and the supporting evidence. Be sure to consider how you can make the key finding comprehendible, how you will discuss the graphic(s) to support it and how you will communicate the key finding’s significance.

7. Put the slides together in a logical order and format the presentation so that it is effective and academic.

8. Rehearse your presentation with each other. Ensure that each person’s explanation of the key finding and the graphic(s) are substantial yet easy to understand. Support each other by asking questions and pointing out where their presentation is unclear, lacking support or even inaccurate.